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Vol.7 No.1 (October, 1976)

  • Review
  • On the Country Elevator
  • Ichitaro KOMATSU
  • Originals
  • Utilization of Solar Radiation to a Curing House for Domestic Tabacco
  • Yukoh OGURA
  • Design and Usage of Paddy Drying and Storage Facilities (1) - Problems and technical evaluation based on using state of facilities -
  • Sadao UEDA and Ritsuya YAMASHITA
  • A Discussion on Receiving Process of HACHIRO-GATA Country Elevators and Some Sugestions for Designing of the Process
  • Hiroshi MORISHIMA
  • Temperature in Piles of Sugar Beets
  • Note
  • Operation Analysis on Drying Process of HACHIRO-GATA Country Elevators
  • Yoshiyasu AIHARA


Vol.7 No.2 (March, 1977)

  • Review
  • Some Aspects of the Research on Agricultural Structures
  • Takuma MORITA
  • Originals
  • Studies on the Heat-transfer Characteristics of Air-flowing Layer in the Double-wall of Livestock Barns (2) - On the effect of the roof with air-flowing layer on solar-heat insulating ability -
  • Yoshiyasu AIHARA, Tomoharu YAMAGUCHI and Masayoshi MINOWA
  • Studies on Planning of Packinghouse to Decide the Number of Weight-Sorters for each Grade
  • Hiroshi MORISHIMA and Akira HOSOKAWA
  • Note
  • Research for the Curing of Sweet Potatoes and Elephant-foot
  • Ippei MIYAGAWA and Kazuyoshi KOSAKAI
  • A Regional Planning for Design and Utilization of Paddy Drying, Processing and Storage Facilities and Problems for Future Discussion
  • Yoshito SHINOMURA
  • Present Status and some Problems for the Management of Paddy Drying, Processing and Storage Facilities
  • Takashi SASAKI
  • Safety in Facilities and Work-Operations
  • Hiroshi ABE
  • Design and Construction of Grain Storage Silos
  • Juzo WAKISAKA and Eiichi MATSUBARA