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Vol.8 No.1 (September, 1977)

  • Review
  • On Education of Agricultural Sciences
  • Jiro SUGI
  • Originals
  • Studies on the Location Planning for Agricultural Structures (1) - On the site pattern and space constitution of paddy drying and processing facilities -
  • Tomoyuki SENO
  • Control Methods of Excessive Temperature in Greenhouse in Summer
  • Takayuki KOJIMA, Hidekazu KONDO, Toyoichi SHOZAKI, Masao YANAGAWA, Eizaburo TANAKA, Tokumi FUJIKI and Takaaki MATSUO
  • Studies on Water Culture by Mean of Electronic Measurement of Plant Growth (1) - Identification of transpiration in relationship between water culture and on-off supplied water culture -
  • Shu FUNADA, Yasushi HASHIMOTO and Mitsuo TSUMURA
  • On a Method of Uniformalizing Pressure by Orifices at Each Sprinkler Nozzle
  • Tokumi FUJIKI, Takaaki MATSUO, Takayuki KOJIMA and Eizaburo TANAKA
  • Transportation of Cereal Grains by an Air-activated Conveyor
  • Shigeru YOSHIZAKI and Shigeo YAMAZAWA
  • A Simulation Model of Temperature in Stored Grain
  • Takaaki MAEKAWA, Tomoharu YAMAGUCHI and Makoto NAKANO
  • Performance of Perforated Inflatable Ducts for Ventilation System
  • Tomoharu YAMAGUCHI and Yoshiyasu AIHARA


Vol.8 No.2 (March, 1978)

  • Review
  • Interdiscipline between Fram Structures and Animal Science
  • Originals
  • Trial Construction of a Hydraulic Locomotive and its Characteristics
  • Shigeru YOSHIZAKI, Takaaki MAEKAWA, Shotaro YUZAWA and Shigeo YAMAZAWA
  • Note
  • Some Problem on the Packinghouse of Mandarin Orange
  • Hiroshi MORISHIMA
  • Discussions on Carrying and Receiving Capacity of Combine-Harvested Rough Rice in Cooperative Rice Services FAcilities
  • Eiji BEKKI
  • Preparation of High-Moisture Silage in Air-Tight Silo
  • Shitaro YUZAWA, Tadao ICHIKAWA, Hideya HONMA and Akira YODA
  • Feed and Management of Dairy Cattles in the Region of the South West Japan Climate
  • Akio MUKAI
  • Some Problems on Designing Livestock Buildings in Region of the South West Japan Climate
  • Yoshitaka AKUNE
  • Some Problems of Feed and Management and Buildings of Livestock in Fukuoka-ken
  • Minoru TANAKA
  • An Outline of Itoshima Dairy Farming Cooperation
  • Fumio GOTO
  • Typical Dairy Barns in the Region of the South West Japan Climate
  • Yoshitaka AKUNE