Archive - Contents

Vol.10 No.1 (January, 1980)

  • Review
  • Agriculture and Agricultural Mechanization in People's Republic of China
  • Haruo EZAKI
  • Originals
  • Stidies on the Storage of Onion in Cold Area
  • Kazuhiko ITO
  • Ventilation Control System and Utilization of Solar Radiation at Curing House for Domestic Tabacco
  • Yukoh OGURA, Seiichi CHIBA and Asaji FURUUCHI
  • Design and Usage of Paddy Drying and Storage Facilities
  • Kiyokazu GOTO and Ritsuya YAMSHITA
  • Studies on the Thermal Radiation Environment within Livestock Barns (1)
  • Masayoshi MINOWA, Tomoharu YAMAGUCHI and Yoshiyasu AIHARA
  • Note
  • On Availability of Grain Silo installed in Cooperative Rice Service Facilities
  • Eiji BEKKI
  • On the Thechnical Evaluation for the Utilization and Storage of Solar Energy in Agriculture
  • Shingo YAMAZAWA
  • Bioconversion from Energy Crops to Fuels
  • Takaaki MAEKAWA


Vol.10 No.2 (June, 1980)

  • Originals
  • Trial Manufacture and Test of Simplified Pneumatic Conveyor
  • Kiyokazu GOTO, Nozomu KAMIYAMA and Ritsuya YAMASHITA
  • Control Methods of Excessive Temperature in Greenhouse in Summer (3) - Experiments in a plastic house -
  • Takayuki KOJIMA, Hidekazu KONDO, Eizaburo TANAKA, Tokumi FUJIKI, Takaaki MATSUO, Takeshi TAKETOMI, Kunio YOSHIOKA and Toyoichi SHOUZAKI
  • Note
  • Present Situation and Some Problems of Swine Production in Ibaraki Pref.
  • Shizuka TOMISHITA
  • Some Problems of Swine Management
  • Toshiaki KAKUMA
  • Present Situation and Some Problems of Swine Farming Business
  • Takumi YOSHIOKA
  • Planning and Design of Swine Buildings
  • Yoshihiko OTSUKI
  • Short Lecture
  • Floor Heating
  • Shoichiro YAMANAKA
  • Special Section for the 10th Anniversary of the Founding of the Society
  • Preface
  • President, Naoyoshi SUGIYAMA
  • History of the Society
  • Editorial Committee
  • Last Decade Developments of Agricultural Structures in Japan
  • On the Drying, Storage and Processing Facilities of Rice and other Grain
  • Isao EBISAWA
  • On the Greenhouse Culture
  • Kazuo ICHIMURA
  • On the Livestock Production Facilities
  • Kou MIMURA
  • Round Table Discussion
  • Next Decade Progress of Agricultural Structures
  • Editorial Committee
  • Contributions by Overseas Writers
  • Grain Drying and Storage in Canada
  • W. E. MUIR
  • Dairy Cattle Housing and Environmental Control in North U.S.A.
  • D. W. BATES
  • Energy Saving Strategies and the United Kingdom Glasshouse Industry
  • Energy Saving Strategies in Grennhouse Industry of West Germany
  • Energy Saving Strategies in Greenhouse Industry of Sweden