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Vol.16 No.1 (August, 1985)

  • Article
  • Yoshihiro IINUMA
  • Originals
  • An Overview of Compost Maturity during Solid Composting in Mixture of Dairy Manure and Crop Residues
  • Ji Hyung HONG, Juzo MATSUDA and Yoshinori IKEUCHI
  • Air Exchange Measurement in Calf Hutches
  • Shinji HOSHIBA, Takamitsu SATO, Seiichiro ISOBE and Jun DOHKOSHI
  • Note
  • Environmental Characteristics of Pole Post Type Beef Cattle Barn Made of Thinned out Japanese Larch in Hot Climate
  • Shyusaku KATAYAMA, Shinji HOSHIBA, Hisashi KOWATA and Ryutaro OHTA
  • Technical Report
  • Data Aquisition System for Environment of Agricultural Structures by Using Personal Computers
  • Shyusaku KATAYAMA, Hisashi KOWATA and Takashi TAKEZONO
  • Lecture
  • Heat Flow Measurement and its Devices
  • Shyusaku KATAYAMA
  • New Facilities
  • Kazuhiko SONOBE


Vol.16 No.2 (November, 1985)

  • Article
  • Toshiaki OHTAKA
  • Originals
  • Construction and Operation of Slatted Floor in a Free Stall Barn
  • Seiichirou ISOBE, Syusaku KATAYAMA, Shinji HOSHIBA and Jun DOHKOSHI
  • Generation of Grain Dust From Rough Rice (1) - On the generation by drying process of rough rice -
  • Tomoyuki SENO
  • The Characteristics of Concentration and Particle-Size Distribution of Airborne Grain Dust in the Rice Drying and Processing Facilities
  • Tomoyuki SENO
  • Growth of the Ammonium-Tolerant Green Alga Scenedesmus quadricauda in Methane-Fermentation Effluents, and Removal of Ammonium and Phosphate in the Effluents by the Alga
  • Tatsuo MIYAZAKI, S. L. WANG, Yoshiaki HARA and Takaaki MAEKAWA
  • Note
  • The Present State of the Agricultural Systems in Japan and its Problems
  • Kohoki SHINO and Takemi MACHIDA
  • Lecture
  • Measurement of Stress, Strain and Instrument for them
  • Yoshikazu SATO


Vol.16 No.3 (March, 1986)

  • Article
  • Kazuyuki KAWAI
  • Essay
  • Noboru MORITA
  • Originals
  • Generation of Grain Dust From Rough Rice (2) - On the generation by moisture contents of rough rice -
  • Tomoyuki SENO
  • Studies on the Thermal Radiation Environment within Livestock Barns (8) - Radiant-interchange configuration factors for swine to inside roof surface of gable roofed open-type livestock barns -
  • Masayoshi MINOWA, Tomoharu YAMAGUCHI and Yoshiyasu AIHARA
  • Perpendicular Frictional Forces between Silage and Steel Silo and some Considerations on the Design Standard
  • Shigeki KATSURA
  • Concentration of Bacterial Aerosols in Calf Hutches
  • Shinji HOSHIBA, Ryoji SAMESHIMA, Takamitsu SATO, Akio SONE, Masahiro OKAMOTO and Jun DOHKOSHI
  • Studies on the Dust Collector by Bubble and Foam (1) - On the properties of pressure drop and efficiency of dust collection -
  • Tomoyuki SENO and Atsushi OHGA
  • Note
  • On the Development of the Agricultural System Program by the Simplified Language
  • Kohki SHINO and Takemi MACHIDA