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Vol.20 No.1 (July, 1989)

  • Article
  • Research on Agricultural Structures in Agricultural Engineering
  • Ryojiro KISHIMOTO
  • Originals
  • Practical Application of Storage Drying With Mixing Method to Grain Drying Facility (2) - Positive experiment of moisture content distribution and paddy qualities -
  • Zvan JIN, Kiyokazu GOTO, Ritsuya YAMASHITA and Katsuo YAMASHITA
  • A Study on Work Efficiency in Udder Preparation of Milking Cows - Effects of structure of manure gutter and cow body size on cleanliness of stall platforms -
  • Denzo SAHARA, Yoshiyasu AIHARA, Tadao ICHIKAWA, Hirofumi KAWANISHI and Morimasa NAGASHIMA
  • Environmental Control in Greenhouse by an Air to Air Type Heat Pump - Heating system -
  • Kozi SASAKI
  • Isothermal Fields and Thermal Condnctivities of the Soil under the Greenhouse with an Earth-Air Heat Exchange System
  • Takayuki KOJIMA and Susumu FUJITA
  • Note
  • A Recent Trend of Vapor Heat Treatment Technique for Sterilizing
  • Shun-ichiro TANAKA
  • Member's Activity
  • Toshihiro MATSUDO
  • Letters
  • Morimasa NAGASHIMA


Vol.20 No.2 (November, 1989)

  • Article
  • On Structural Safety of the Greenhouse
  • Hiroto HAGURA
  • Originals
  • Development of a Continuous Hydrothermal Decomposition System as Night Soil Treatment Method
  • Mamoru NISHIOKA, Nakamichi YAMASAKI, Kazumichi YANAGISAWA and Shigeaki YAMISAKI
  • Biogas Production from Dairy Cow Slurry
  • Hidehiko TAKAHATA, Tunemi KAWAMOTO and Kazutaka UMETSU
  • Heat and Mass Transfer in the Aerobic Fermentation and Drying Process of Organic Materials in Packed Bed
  • Hiroshi SHIMIZU, Xingwu Wu, Katsuhiko SATO, Yoshio NISHIYAMA and Toshinori KIMURA
  • Long-term Performance of a Solar Greenhouse
  • Kazuhiko ABE and Makoto NARA
  • On the Economic Production Quantity in Cyclamen Culture After due Consideration With Shipping Prices
  • Yoshihiro MARUYAMA
  • Note
  • Modeling of Diurnal Change of Greenhouse Thermal Environment and its Hand Calculation
  • Kazuhiko ABE and Makoto NARA
  • Member's Activity
  • Isamu KURATA / Hisashi SAKAI
  • Letters
  • Kazunori IWABUCHI and Yukio AZUMA


Vol.20 No.3 (March, 1990)

  • Article
  • Agricultural Structures Relation to Farmers Life
  • Morimasa NAGASHIMA
  • Originals
  • Effects of Aeration Rate on the Aerobic Fermentation and Drying Process of Organic Waste Materials in Packed Bed
  • Xingwu WU, Hiroshi SHIMIZU, Yoshio NISHIYAMA and Toshinori KIMURA
  • On the Economic Production Quantity in Cyclamen Culture after due Consideration with Shipping Prices for Ratio of Seedling Quantity to be Temporary Plants
  • Yoshihiro MARUYAMA
  • The Effect of Microbial Growth on the Temperature Rising of Stored Maize in Bin
  • Kazuhiro NAKANO, Takaaki MAEKAWA, Shingo YAMASAWA and Kazuhiko KURATA
  • Measurement of Dielectric Properties of Paddy Rice
  • Kwang Hwan CHO, Meizen AOKI and shigeru YOSHIZAKI
  • Experimental Analysis on Strength of Pipe-Houses with Ground Anchoring (2) - Yield strength of joints, fixed piles and pipe connectors -
  • Hideo OGAWA, Ichiei TSUGE, Yoshikazu SATO, Shinji HOSHIBA and Susumu YAMASHITA
  • Note
  • Treatment by a Photosynthetic Bacterium on the Effluent from Anaerobic Digestor of Swine Wastewater
  • Ken SASAKI, Kazuo OHTSUKI, Yoshiaki EMOTO and Takashi HAMAOKA
  • Member's Activity
  • Application of Artificial Intelligence on Agriculture
  • Kazuhiko KURATA
  • Research Activities in Our Laboratory
  • Kazuya MIYAMA, Yoshikazu SATO, Shigeo OGAWA, Hisashi KOWATA and Masato FUKUMOTO
  • Letters
  • Akihiko GONDO and Michiaki ITO


Vol.20 Special Number (July, 1989)

  • Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of SASJ
  • At the 20th Anniversary of the SASJ
  • Shu FUNADA
  • On the Ocation of the 20th Anniversary of the SASJ
  • Shozo SUZUKI
  • My Impressions
  • Tadashi TAKAKURA
  • What Agriculture and Science of Agriculture Should Be
  • Jiro SUGI
  • Hoping for Activities of the SASJ
  • Ritsuya YAMASHITA
  • Hoping for New Development of the SASJ
  • Mutsumi KADOYA
  • Celebrating the 20th Anniversary
  • Kousei TSUNODA
  • Reviews
  • Rice and Wheat Structures
  • Isao EBISAWA
  • Structures for Distribution of Agricultural Products
  • Mutsuo IWAMOTO and Hiroshi MORISHIMA
  • Livestock Housing and Equipment
  • Yoshiyasu AIHARA and Iwao NOTSUKI
  • Horticultural Structures
  • Yuko OGURA and Shoji OKA
  • Structures for Utilizing Energy
  • Takaaki MAEKAWA and Juzo MATSUDA
  • Chronological Record of the SASJ
  • SASJ Index
  • Proceedings of Special Lectures
  • Present Knowledge and Perspective for the Future in Livestock Housing and Environment
  • D. W. Bates and J. F. Anderson
  • Industrialization of Biotechnology and Agricultural Structures
  • Kazuyuki KAWAI
  • Perspectives for Japanese Diet and Food System
  • Shokichi NAMIKI