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Vol.23 No.1 (July, 1992)

  • Originals
  • Probability on Weight Distribution of Bell Peppers and the Computer Simulations for Selection Process in Packaging Apparatus
  • Satoshi MURTA, Takahisa MATSUOKA and Kiyoshi MIYAUCHI
  • Tunnel Storage of Agricultural Products in Cold Region
  • Ken-ichi ISHIBASHI and Kazunori HIRONAKA
  • Study on Wind Load for Vinylhouses - Basic characteristics of wind pressure obtained by wind tunnel tests -
  • Hiroto HAGURA and Hiromichi FUJINO
  • Actual Process Control and Operational Conditions of Commercial Vacuum Cooling Plants and its Improvement Instructions
  • Michihiro NAKAJIMA, Hiroshi MORISHIMA, Yasuhisa SEO and Yasuyuki SAGARA


Vol.23 No.2 (November, 1992)

  • Presidental Address
  • Hiroshi MORISHIMA
  • Review
  • Biogas Production from Livestock Wastes and its Prospects in Developing Countries
  • Ken-ichi ISHIBASHI, Donald L. Day, Ruihong ZHANG, Kazunori HIRONAKA and Hiroshi KOAZE
  • Originals
  • Changes in Viscoelasticity of Chinese Yam during Growth
  • Kazunori HIRONAKA, Kenji SAWAEDA and Ken-ichi ISHIBASHI
  • Biogas Production from Cow Slurry using A Two-phase Process
  • Kazutaka UMETSU, Hidehiko TAKAHATA and Tsunemi KAWAMOTO
  • A Study on Natural Ventilation of Greenhouse in Taiwan (1) - The air permeability of insect screen used in ventilation opening of greenhouse -
  • Yu-I HUANG, Yoshiyasu AIHARA, Tomoyuki SENO and Makoto NARA
  • Studies on the Mass Transfer Coefficient on the Body Surface of Livestock (6) - The net body surface area concerned in mass transfer -
  • Hiroiumi KAWANISHI, Morimasa NAGASHIMA, Denzou SAHARA and Yoshiyasu AIHARA
  • Studies on Sorting Systems for Fruits and Vegetables (1) - Color grading of apple by neural network systems -
  • Kazuhiro NAKANO, Kazuhiko KURATA, Masahiko KANEKO, Yuichi KAZAMA and Ken-ichi TAKIZAWA
  • Note
  • The Tendency of Greenhouse Disasters
  • Limi OKUSHIMA and Makoto NARA
  • International Activity
  • '92 Earth Summit in Brazil
  • Fumito TAKAGI


Vol.23 No.3 (March, 1993)

  • Originals
  • Temperature Effects on CH4 Gas Production with Dairy Cattle Manure
  • Kazunori IWABUCHI and Juzo MATSUDA
  • Prediction of Air Flow Pattern Influenced by Incoming Jet Direction with FEM in Confinement Livestock House
  • Atsuo IKEGUCHI
  • Effects of Light Quality on the Growth of Tomato and Kidney Bean Cultured by Hydroponics under Controled Environment
  • Naoya FUKUDA, Hideo IKEDA and Makoto NARA
  • Aerobic Fermentation and Drying Process of Organic Materials in Packed Bed - Radial temperature distribution and radial heat transfer in packed bed of large diameter -
  • Xingwu WU, Hiroshi SHIMIZU, Ryo TORISU, Yoshinobu OHTA and Junichi KAMIIDE
  • Study on the Design and Development of Methane Fermentation System (1) - Treatment characteristic of a bench scale fluidized bed methane fermentor -
  • Yutaka KITAMURA and Takaaki MAEKAWA
  • A Study on a Windowless Swine Pipe Building Using Double Covered with Reflective Film - Internal environment in summer -
  • Akihiro TANAKA, Makoto NARA and Minoru ITO
  • A Study on Natural Ventilation of Greenhouse in Taiwan (2) - Wind pressure coefficient for ventilation in a high tunnel type greennhouse -
  • Yu-I HUANG, Yoshiyasu AIHARA, Tomoyuki SENO, Makoto NARA and Sadanori SASE
  • A Study on Particle Movement and Distribution of Brown Rice and Rough Rice on a Shaking Tray of a Rice Separator
  • Hatsuo KOJIMA, Kiyohiko TOYODA and Ryuzou TAKEUCHI
  • Round Table Discussion
  • More Next Decade Orogress of Research on Agricultural Structures