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Vol.25 No.1 (June, 1994)

  • Article
  • Expecting for Larger Expansion of the Academic Society
  • Takayuki KOJIMA
  • Originals
  • The Construction of Automatic Sampling Device for the Measurement of Methane Emission from Paddy Soils
  • Naoki TATSUZAWA and Takaaki MAEKAWA
  • Solar Drying System for Agricultural Waste Sludge - Structural design and heat collecting performance -
  • Seishu TOJO, Kengo WATANABE, Fusakazu AI and Allen C. CHAO
  • Studies on the Mixing of Rice (1) -The circulating and mixing characteristics of rice particles in a twin-shell mixer -
  • Shengwu CHANG, Yelian MIAO and Shigeru YOSHIZAKI
  • Morphology and Applicability of Wet-bulb Sensor for Monitoring Vacuum Cooling Procss
  • Michihiro NAKAJIMA, Hiroshi MORISHIMA, Yasuhisa SEO and Yasuyuki SAGARA
  • Drying of Agricultural Products Using Long Wave Infrared Radiation (1) - Fandamental heating characteristics of long wave infrared radiation -
  • Kazuhiko ITOH and Chung Su HAN


Vol.25 No.2 (September, 1994)

  • Summary of 1994 SASJ Awards
  • Academic Award
  • Takaaki MAEKAWA
  • Junior Academic Award
  • Hirofumi KAWANISHI
  • Article
  • Various Problems on the Rice
  • Isao EBISAWA
  • Originals
  • Influence of Ventilation on the Distribution of Carbon Dioxide Concentration in an Enclosed Scale Model Livestock Building under Winter Ventilation
  • Atsuo IKEGUCHI
  • Studies on Development of an Efficient Manure-removing-machine in Open Type Poultry House (2) - Operations of removal of manure and physiological load -
  • Tadakatsu AONO, Takashi TSURUSAKI and Noriyuki WATANABE
  • Kinetic Parameters of Mesophilic Anaerobic Digestion of Dairy Manure Slurry
  • Kazutaka UMETSU, Hidehiko TAKAHATA, Hideo HOSHIBA and Tetsuya SATO
  • Studies on Receiving System in Grain Drying Facility (1) - Analysis of operating characteristics with receiving factors -
  • Kiyokazu GOTO, Yoshihiro MIWA and Toshimitsu HATTORI
  • Annual and Regional Variations in Two-Dimensional Image Analysis of Rice and Their Application to Separate the Varieties
  • Naoki SAKAI, Satoshi YONEKAWA, Akio MATSUZAKI and Hiroshi MORISHIMA


Vol.25 No.3 (December, 1994)

  • Originals
  • Studies on Control Systems of Greenhouse Environment (1) - Extraction of know-how of tomato cultivation in Niigata Prefecture -
  • Kazuhiro NAKANO, Kazuhiko KURATA, Xiao-Dong LIAN and Hidekazu WATANABE
  • Studies on the Mixing of Rice (2) - Flow characteristics of rice particles in a twin-shell mixer -
  • Shengwu CHANG, Yelian MIAO and Shigeru YOSHIZAKI
  • Effect of Storage Period and Temperature on Some Properties of Potato Starch
  • Naomy S. SABINIANO, Ken-ichi ISHIBASHI, Kazunori HIRONAKA and Kazuo YAMAMOTO
  • Simulation Model of Drying System in Solar House
  • Mathanee SRIARj, Seishu TOJO, Kengo WATANABE and Fusakazu AI
  • Note
  • A Shortish View of the latest Greenhouse Production in Korea
  • Takashi TAKEZONO


Vol.25 No.4 (March, 1995)

  • Article
  • A Matter of great Urgency on the Dairy Farm
  • Hidehiko TAKAHATA
  • Originals
  • Trials of Quality Evaluation for Parboiled and Other Rice by Means of the Near Infrared Spectroscopy and the Rapid Visco Analyzer
  • Toshinori KIMURA, Naoto SHIMIZU, Tooru SHIMOHARA and Jiro WARASHINA
  • Energy Consumption Approach for Evaluation of Transplanting Tray Characteristics
  • Tihomir KATARDJIEV, Kengo WATANABE, Seishu TOJO, Manzo UCHIGASAKI, Fusakazu Ai and Barney HUANG
  • The Effect of Controlled Atmosphere Conditions during Storage on Quality Preservation of Fresh Shiitake (Lentinus edodes L.)
  • Lilik Pujantoro, Tohru SHIGA, Takahiro SAITO and Yoshiaki IBA
  • Studies on Low-Temperature Bin Drying Facilities (Part 1) - Dehumidifier's performance in dehumidification bin drying system and its climatic evaluation -
  • Yoshio NISHIYAMA, Tadahiro YAMAMOTO and Satoru IMAIDA
  • Aeration and Slurrigation of Slurry Separated from Dairy Cattle Manure
  • Juzo MATSUDA, Akinori TAKEKAWA and Jun-ichi HIMOTO
  • High Productivity of CH4 from H2 and CO2 by Optimizing the Nutritional Conditions of Acclimated-Methanogen
  • Zhen Ya ZHANG and Takaaki MAEKAWA
  • Study on Mechanical Properties of Domestic Animal Bone (1) - Information about mechanical properties of articular components -
  • Development of a Rotating Drum Reactor with a Novel Temperature Control System for Solid State Fermentation
  • Takashi UENO, Hideo TANAKA and Takaaki MAEKAWA
  • Note
  • Melon Culture Test in a Greenhouse Covered with Light-Transmissive and Thermally Insulated Walls
  • Kazuhiko ABE and Masahito SUZUKI
  • News of the Society
  • 1994 Autum Symposium, ‘Activation of Farming Community and Agricultural Structures’
  • Hirofumi KAWANISHI
  • Abstracts of Symposium Lectures