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Vol.27 No.1 (June, 1996)

  • Article
  • The Improvements in the Productivity of Protected Horticulture in Japan and the Requested Research Works
  • Hideo IKEDA
  • Originals
  • Experimental Studies on Rice Stickiness in Variental Difference (1) - Direct measurement of cohesiveness and properties of residual cooking liquid for Indica and Japonica rices -
  • Toshinori KIMURA, Naoto SHIMIZU, Shigeru YOSHIZAKI and Shinichi TANEYA
  • A Snow Melting Method Using Exhaust Warm Air from Livestock Buildings
  • Yoshikazu SATO, Hisashi KOWATA, Hiroshi HATA and Hisashi YAMAZAKI
  • Studies on Control Systems of Greenhouse Environment (3) - Development of variance prediction and control system for soil water in greenhouse -
  • Xiao-Dong Lian, Kazuhiko NAKANO, Yasuo OHTUKA, Kazuhiro YUASA and Taro IGARASHI


Vol.27 No.2 (September, 1996)

  • Article
  • Expecting for Utilization of Functionary Processed Water in Agriculture
  • Takahisa MATSUOKA
  • Originals
  • Effects of Root Air-pruning on Woody Plants for Automatic Transplanting
  • Tihomir KATARDJIEV, Kengo WATANABE, Seishu TOJO, Manzo UCHIGASAKI, Fusakazu AI and Barney HUANG
  • Studies on Drying of Agricultural Products by Using Far-infrared Ray (1) - The performance of the drying device and the heating properties of the agricultural products -
  • Kentaro MOURI and Huoqing LIU
  • Suitable Storage Temperatures for Okinawan Grown Full and Green Ripe Mangoes (cv. Irwin)
  • Takami TAJIRI, Takayoshi AKINAGA, Seishi KAWASAKI and Yoshihiro KOHDA
  • Internal Quality Measurement of Tropical Fruits by Near Infrared Spectroscopic Technique (2) - Using the specific NIR absorption wavelength on water, cellulose and sugar -
  • Tetsuya TANABE, Takayoshi AKINAGA, Yoshihiro KOHDA, Seishi KAWASAKI, Yoshihide KOUNO, Hiromu MAEDA, Toshihiro MIZUNO and Hiromichi AOKI
  • Solar Drying Ststem for Agricultural Waste Sludge (3) - Solar photovoltanic system and its operation -
  • Seishu TOJO, Kengo WATANABE, Hiroaki KURODA, Mathanee SRIARJ and Makoto KATO
  • Measurement of Specific Surface Area and Evaluation of CO2 Mass Transfer Coefficient on the Cell of Blue-green Algae during Batch Culture
  • Kazuo FUJITA and Takaaki MAEKAWA


Vol.27 No.3 (December, 1996)

  • Article
  • Expection to Research on Animal Husbandry Facilities
  • Yukio AZUMA
  • Originals
  • On the Performance of Salt Capturing Devices Affected with Atmospheric Environments and Soil Textures
  • Tomoharu YAMAGUCHI, Yukuo ABE, Seiji YOKOTA, Yosiyuki OHTSUKA and Hiroyuki II
  • Statistical Analysis of Effect of a Negative Ionization System on Dust Settling in a Confinement Swine Building
  • Akihiro TANAKA
  • Study on Odor in Barn - Present condition of pig barn in respect of odor intensity -
  • Naoki Fukujyuu, Hirofumi Kawanishi, Morimasa Nagasima and Gab Soo Do
  • Studies on the Monitoring Techniques and Application of Bioelectric Potentials in Bioproduction (1) - Relationship between foliar temperature and electric potential of foliar surface in a tomato plant -
  • Keo INTABON, Takaaki MAEKAWA and Kotaro SATO
  • Relation between Electric Conductivity and Chilling Injury Cucumber Fruits
  • Shigenori MAEZAWA and Koichi AKIMOTO
  • Studies on Effective Radiation Area and Radiation Configuration Factors of a Pig (1) - Effective radiation area of a pig based on the surface-model -
  • Masayoshi MINOWA
  • Numerical Analysis on Airflow in a Storage House with Outlet Duct on the Ceiling and Inlet Duct on the Wall - Effect of duct length on airflow distribution -
  • Limi OKUSHIMA, Sadanori SASE, Takeo SHINA and Toshio OHTANI
  • Long-term Potato Storage using an Ice Pond System
  • Hisashi KOWATA, Yoshikazu SATO and Gensho ISHII


Vol.27 No.4 (March, 1997)

  • Article
  • Introspection and Wish
  • Shun-ichiro TANAKA
  • Originals
  • Effects of Fluctuating Temperature on the Respiration and the Quality of Spinach
  • Koichi AKIMOTO and Shigenori MAEZAWA
  • A Study on Single-Truss Tomato Production by Hydroponics (1) - Plant growth and fruit yield by different sowing dates over the year -
  • Basic Studies on the Storage Method of Strawberry
  • Shi-Qing WANG, Shun-ichiro TANAKA, Kazuo MORITA and Fumihiko TANAKA
  • Measurement of Constituent Sugar Concentrations in Japanese Pear Using Near Infrared Spectroscopy with Partial Least Square Regression
  • Munehiro TANAKA and Takayuki KOJIMA
  • Purifying Waste Water with a Freeze-concentrating and Rarefying Technique, Using Outdoor Coldness (Part1) - Purifying milking waste water -
  • Hiroyasu UCHIDA, Hiroyasu SHIRATO, Masahiro TEZUKA, Juzo MATSUDA and Jun-ichi HIMOTO
  • The Symbiotic Relation Between Sulfate-Reducing-Bacteria and Methanogens in Methane Fermentation from CO2 and H2
  • Takaaki MAEKAWA and Zhen Ya ZHANG
  • Note
  • Rice Production and Industry Facilities in Australia
  • Eiji BEKKI