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Vol.28 No.1 (June, 1997)

  • Article
  • Evaluation of Agriculture and Rural Districts
  • Juzo MATSUDA
  • Originals
  • Start-up and Optimal Organic Load on the Plug-flow Type of Two-Phase Methane Fermentation, Using Acclimatied Psychrophilic Methanogenesis
  • Katsuyo KUROSU, Takaaki MAEKAWA and Mitsuru ABE
  • Studies on Sorting Systems for Fruits and Vegetables (2) -Development of whole image data collecting system and detection of injured apples-
  • Kazuhiro NAKANO and Ken-ichi TAKIZAWA
  • Surface Area and Volume Measurements of a Broccoli (Brassica oleracea L. var. italica PLEN.) with a Microslicer-Image Data Processing System
  • Gab-Soo Do, Yasuyuki SAGARA, Ken-ichi KUDOH, Hideo YOKOTA and Toshiro HIGUCHI
  • Experimental Studies on Rice Stickiness in Varietal Difference Evaluation (2) -Characterization of the cooked rice adhesion behavior of Indica type and Japonica type rices -
  • Naoto SHIMIZU, Toshinori KIMURA, Ken'ichi OHTSUBO, Takaaki MAEKAWA and Shigeru YOSHIZAKI


Vol.28 No.2 (September, 1997)

  • President Address
  • Takaaki MAEKAWA
  • Originals
  • Studies oil the lnactivation of Water Bloom Particles (1) - Efficiency of ozone and ultraviolet light treatments -
  • Keo INTABON and Takaaki MAEKAWA
  • Greenhouse Water Spray Cooling System Using Subterranean Water (1) - Analysis of the cooling load in summer nighttime -
  • Yuichi KOBAYASHI, Tohru SHIGA, Nobuaki FUJISHIGE, Takahiro SAITO and Yosiaki IBA
  • Effects of Trace Metals oil the Methane Fermentation from Acetic Acid
  • Takaaki MAEKAWA, Yan Sheng ZHANG and Zhen Ya ZHANG
  • Predictions of the TelnPerature and the Humidity in Wrapper Type Cold Store (1) - Under quasi-steady state operation -
  • Shi-Qing WANG, Shun-ichiro TANAKA, Fumihiko TANAKA and Kazuo MORITA
  • Characteristics of Heat Load on Preserved Ice in Refrigeration of Storage Warehouse by Ice Pond System
  • Hisashi KOWATA and Yoshikazu SATO


Vol.28 No.3 (December, 1997)

  • President Address
  • Kazuhiko ITOH
  • Originals
  • Studies on Receiving System in Grain Drying Facility (2) - Verification of receiving process and layout of receiving hopper -
  • Kiyokazu GOTO, Yoshihiro MIWA and Toshimitsu HATTORI
  • Effects of Vibration and Storage Temperatures on Quality of Strawberries
  • Jiao Yan LIU and Takayuki KOJIMA
  • Studies on the Maturity and Quality of Composts Using Pollen Tube Culture as a Bioassay (1) - Investigations on the suitable medium and conditions for the pollen culture -
  • Shun Rong REN, Keo INTABON, Zhen Ya ZHANG and Takaaki MAEKAWA
  • Studies on the Maturity and Quality of Composts Using Pollen Tube Culture as a Bioassay (2) - Changes of pollen tubes cultured on media enriched with compost water extracts of different maturity -
  • Shun Rong REN, Keo INTABON, Zhen Ya ZHANG and Takaaki MAEKAWA
  • Numerical Analysis of the Wind Pressure Coefficients on the Greenhouses Using the Interpolating Matrix Method (IMM) and Comparison with Wind Tunnel Data
  • Limi OKUSHIMA, Sadanori SASE and Atsuo IKEGUCHI
  • Development of the NMR Technique for Sensing Void and Sweetness of Watermelons - Experimental approach for testing the practicability -
  • Kazuyoshi SAITO, Takashi MIKI and Seiji HAYASHI


Vol.28 No.4 (March, 1998)

  • Article
  • The Role of Society (Agricultural Structures) in Research
  • Takayuki KOJIMA
  • Originals
  • Optimum Design of Swine Feed Formulation Using a Genetic Algorithm
  • Takaaki SATAKE, Tatsumi FURUYA, Yoshiyuki MINAMI and Fumio TACHIBANA
  • A Study on Single Truss Tomato Production by Hydroponics (2) - Relationship between environmental parameters and planet growth -
  • Shoji KOBAYASHI, Hideo SHIMAJI and Hideo IKEDA
  • The Effect of temperature on Continuously Expanding Anaerobic Digestion (1) - A comparison of characteristics form batch operation -
  • Yoshiaki KIMURA, Kazutaka UMETSU and Hidehiko TAKAHATA
  • Effects of Vibration and Storage Temperatures on Quality of Japanese Pears
  • Jiao Yan LIU, Takayuki KOJIMA, Munehiro TANAKA and Izumi TATARA
  • Treatment Characteristics of a Fixed-Bed Fermentor Packed with Rock Wool Compared with Continuously Stirred Tank Using Synthetic Wastewater
  • Wen Qi LI, Takaaki MAEKAWA and Zhen Ya ZHANG