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Vol.31 No.1 (June, 2000)

  • Originals
  • A Study on Single-Truss Tomato Production by Hydroponics (4) - Effect of growing media, root-zone limiting and feeding methods of nutrient solution on plant growth, fruit yield and quality -
  • Dhoji KOBAYASHI and Kosuke NAGAI
  • Feasibility of Odor Sensors on the Odorous Compounds Evolved from Eutrophicated Waters
  • Takaaki MAEKAWA, Keo INTABON and Norio SUGIURA
  • Soybean Moisture Absorption Properties and their Related Size Changes by Imaging (1) - 2D size changes -
  • Richard L. URASA, Fumihiko TANAKA, Shun-ichiro TANAKA and Kazuo MORITA
  • Direct Solar Radiation Areas of Standing Pigs for Evaluating Solar Radiant Heat Load
  • Masayoshi MINOWA
  • Standing and Lying Behaviors of Cattle on Tow Different Sloped Stall Floors
  • Yoshikazu SATO, Shinji HOSHIBA and Osamu SASAKI


Vol.31 No.2 (September, 2000)

  • Originals
  • Gas Permeability Characteristics of Plastic Films for Packaging of Fresh Produce
  • Rokhani HASBULIAE, Gardjito, Atjeng M. SYARIEF and Takayoshi AKINAGA
  • Production of Biodegradable Films from Mungbean and Soy Proteins (1) - Effects of glycerol on the physical properties of the films -
  • Stochastic Modeling of a Composting Process Using a Master Equation
  • Hirakazu SEKI
  • Automatic Transplanter Using a Pneumatic System - Simmulation Jhalysis of Seedling Block Dynamics -
  • Manzo UCHIGASAKI, Kengo WATANABE, Seishu TOJO, Kazuhiro SERATA, Shingo MIYAMOTO and Tihomir H. KTARDJIEV
  • Technical Note
  • Energy-saving Sun-light Greenhouse in China
  • Qingyun CHEN, Tomoharu YAMAGUCHI and Takeshi KUROYANAGI


Vol.31 No.3 (December, 2000)

  • Originals
  • Photoassimilates Partitioning in Container-Grown Peach Trees as Affected by Water Stress
  • Kenji KOBASHI, Hiroshi GEMMA, Shuichi IWAHORI and Yoshiaki UMEMIYA
  • Inhibitory Effects of Ammonia and pH on the Hydrogen Production of Enterobacter aerogenes in the Suspended Cell and Enriched by immobilized System
  • Shuyun ZHAO, Zhenya ZHANG and Takaaki MAEKAWA
  • Studies on Control Systems of Greenhouse Environment (4) - prediction and automatic watering system for soil moisture using multiple regression analysis -
  • Kazuhiro NAKANO, Takuo KAWAKAMI, Yasuo OHTSUKA and Shinobu MIZUNO
  • Soybean Moisture Absorption Properties and their Related Size Changes by Imaging (2) - 3D size changes -
  • Richard L. Urasa, Shun-ichiro TANAKA, Fumihiko TANAKA and Kazuo MORITA
  • Farm Scale Anaerobic Digester of Dairy Manure Slurry in a Cold Region
  • Kazutaka UMETSU, Hidehiko TAKAHATA and Yoshiteru TAKEUCHI
  • Technical Note
  • Preliminary Study of Two Dimensional Electrophoresis for Screenimg Plant Growth Environment - An example of protein analysis in petunia grown under different light qualities -
  • Limi OKUSHIMA, Yumiko IWAHASHI, Sadanori SASE and Naoya FUKUDA


Vol.31 No.4 (March, 2001)

  • Originals
  • Efficiency Characteristics on Dual-fueled Cogeneration System using Biogas and Gas Oil
  • Jong-Soo PARK, Kohta ISHII and Hideo TERAO
  • Effect of Trace Metals on the Hydrogen Production and Growth of Enterobacter aerogenes
  • Shuyun ZHAO, Zhenya ZHANG, Chris P. NORMAN and Takaaki MAEKAWA
  • On-Line Monitoring of Methane fermentation by Using NAD(P)H Fluorescence
  • Ikko IHARA and Takaaki MAEKAWA
  • The Selective Gas Permeability of the Biodegradable Zein Films
  • Tomoyuki YOSHINO, Seiichiro ISOBE and Takaaki MAEKAWA