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Vol.32 No.1 (June, 2001)

  • Originals
  • Continuous and Nondestructive Weighing System of the Dehydration Process of Chili Pepper in Application with a Rotary Type Dryer
  • Teguh Wikan WIDODO, JunyaTATSUNO, Kiyoshi TAJIMA and Koji TAMAKI
  • Special Reviews - Agricultural Engineering and Technology in China -
  • Food Production and Agricultural Engineering and Technology in China
  • Haiye YU
  • Advance on Animal husbundry Engineering Technology and Industrialization in Recent 20 Years in China
  • Yunlong WANG and Baoming LI
  • Current Situation and Perspective of Protected Horticulture Technology in China
  • Chengwei MA, Renjie DONG and Tomoharu YAMAGUCHI


Vol.32 No.2 (September, 2001)

  • President Address
  • Touru SHIGA
  • Originals
  • Effect of Heat Treatments on Respiration and Quality of ‘Irwin’ Mango
  • Rokhani HASBULIAH, Seishi KAWASAKI, Takayuki KOJIMA and Takayoshi AKINAGA
  • Study on the Evaluation of Snow Load on Roof of Livestock Buildings
  • Toshimichi KOBAYASHI, Takahiro CHIBA, Tsukasa TOMABECHI and Shinji HOSHIBA
  • The Vibration Transfer Characteristics of Strawberries in an Experiment of Simulation Transport
  • Jiaoyan LIU, Munehiro TANAKA, Shigeki INABA and Takayuki KOJIMA
  • A Rotational Drum Fermentation System (RDFS) for Dry Methane Fermentation (1)
  • Wei Zhong JIANG, Yutaka KITAMURA, Noriaki ISHIZUKA and Tung LIANG


Vol.32 No.3 (December, 2001)

  • Originals
  • Proposal of Combined Indexes to Evaluate Dairy Farming Systems - Total evaluation from economics, nitrogen load and input fossil energy -
  • Shinji HOSHIBA, Hiromi KAWAKAMI, Shigeru MORITA, Tetuji NODA and Atsuo IKEGUCHI
  • Using Permeable Tube Channels for Modified Atmosphere Storage of ‘Irwin’ Mango
  • Rokhani HASBULLAH, SUTRISNO, Seishi KAWASAKI, Takayuki KOJIMA and Takayoshi AKlNAGA


Vol.32 No.4 (March, 2002)

  • Originals
  • Evaluation of Livestock Housing from Economics, Energy and Entropy
  • Atsuo IKEGUCHI and Shinji HOSHIBA
  • Decomposition of Phytic Acid in Composts by Enzyme
  • Guilmg HAO, Keo INTABON, Takaaki MAEKAWA and Michinori NISHIO
  • Production of Starch-based Biodegradable Plastics Reinforced with Bagasse Fiber
  • Ye CHEN, Zhenya ZHANG, Yutaka ISHIKAWA and Takaaki MAEKAWA
  • Studies on Air-Distribution in a Livestock Housing through Numerical Analysis (Part 1) - Analysis of air-flow characteristics in rooms equipped with different ventilation systems -
  • Norihiro HOSHI, Tomoharu YAMAGUCHI, Yuji OKANEMASA and Takaaki MAEKAWA
  • A study of Washing Effect on Measurement of Trace Metals Inside Methanogen Cells
  • Yansheng ZHANG, Zhenya ZHANG, Norio SUGlURA and Takaaki MAEKAWA
  • Effects of Fluctuating Temperatures on Quality of Kiwifruit in Modified Atmosphere Packages
  • Takaaki SATAKE, Ahmad ADDO, Osamu SAKATA and Hikaru HASHIMOTO