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Vol.34 No.1 (June, 2003)

  • Originals
  • Feasibility Study on Development of Underground Plant Cultivating System (Part 1) - Heat balance analysis of a space in semi-underground -
  • Kazuo MORITA, Fumihiko TANAKA and Richard L. URASA
  • Basic Study on Grading of Chinese Dried Green Raisin Using Image Information (Part 2) - Development of basic experimental grading device -
  • Sheng Wei CHANG, Osamu FUJIOKA, Sadao OMORI, Osamu SAKATA, Kangquan GUO and Takaaki SATAKE
  • Development of a Composting System with Vacuum-Type Aeration (Part 2) - Possibility of collecting emitted ammonia using vacuum-type aeration -
  • Yoshiyuki ABE, Naoki FUKUJYUU, Nobuo ITO and Mikro KAMO
  • Studies on Thermal Environment of the Sunlight Greenhouse (Part 1) - Basic experiment to analyze thermal environment of the sunlight greenhouse -
  • Tomoharu YAMAGUCHI, Takeshi KUROYANAGI and Qingyun CHEN
  • Studies on Thermal Environment of the Sunlight Greerhouse (Part 2) - Basic mathematical model predicting thermal environment of the sunlight greenhouse -
  • Tomoharu YAMAGUCHI, Takeshi KUROYANAGI and Genta KANAI
  • Analysis of Condensation in Rough Rice during Storage
  • Griffiths ATUNGULU, Yoshio NISHIYAMA and Shoji KOIDE
  • Commentary
  • Food Safety - Traceability system in Japan -
  • Atsuo IKEGUCHI


Vol.34 No.2 (September, 2003)

  • Presidential Address
  • Kazuhiko ITOH
  • Originals
  • A Rotational Drum Fermentation System (RDFS) for Dry Methane Fermentation(3) - Effect of process configuration on acidogenic performance -
  • Wei Zhong JIANG, Yutaka KITAMURA, Noriaki ISHIZUKA and Takehito SHIINA
  • Radiation Configuration Factors of a Standing Pig to Rectangular Planes When It Rotates around a Vertical Axis through Its Center
  • Masayoshi MINOWA
  • Relationship between Thermal and Aerial Environments and Animal Behaviour in an Open-type Cattle House
  • Hisamitsu TAKAI, Shigeru MORITA and Shinji HOSHIBA
  • The Residual Effect of Phytase on Mineralization of Phytate P in Pig Feces
  • Guiling HAO, Michinori NISHIO and Takaaki MAEKAWA
  • Water Purification by Fluidized Granular Ceramics and its Effect on Seedling Culture
  • Md. Abul Kalam AZAD and Katsumi ISHIKAWA
  • Evaluation of Dairy Farming Systems Having Different Manure Handling Systems in Hokkaido by Multiple Criteria; Economic Balance, Fossil Energy Input and Nitrogen Load
  • Kenji NEKOMOTO, Shinji HOSHIBA, Hiromi KAWAKAMI, Shigeru MORITA and Atsuo IKEGUCHI
  • Commentary
  • Prewashed Rice - Producing technology and its perspective -


Vol.34 No.3 (December, 2003)

  • Vice Presidential Address
  • Hiromu MAEDA
  • Originals
  • Reduction of Nitrogen Load by Material Circulation between Dairy Farms and Dry Field Crop Farms in The Mixed Production Area
  • Engineering Analysis of the Greenhouse Structures Damaged by Typhoon 0221 in Chiba and Ibaraki
  • Hideki MORIYAMA, Sadanori SASE, Hisashi KOWATA and Masahisa ISHII
  • Analysis about Characteristics of Fibrous Biomass for Methane Fermentation
  • Atsushi ODA, Yoshiaki SAKATA and Akira OIDA
  • Evaluation of Farms Joining to Some JA in Glass Land Area from Multiple Criteria-Economic Balance, Fossil Energy Input and Nitrogen Surplus
  • Hiromi KAWAKAMI, Shinji HOSHIBA, Shigeru MORITA, Tetsuji NODA and Atsuo IKEGUCHI
  • Letter from Oversea
  • Kiyohiko TOYODA


Vol.34 No.4 (March, 2004)

  • Vice Presidential Address
  • Yasuyuki SAGARA
  • Technological Award of the Society
  • Ishii Industrial Co. Ltd.
  • Originals
  • Development of Experimental Device for Composting
  • Hiroyuki MUKAI
  • Effects of Air Temperature on Yield and Re-growth after Harvest of Chinese Chive Plants Cultured in a Plastic House
  • Dong-Hyuk AHN and Hideo IKEDA
  • Commemoration Special Articles for the 100th Issue
  • Congratulatory Address
  • from Prof. Itoh, President of the Society
  • Kazuhioko ITOH
  • from Prof. Maekawa, Former Chief Editor
  • Takaaki MAEKAWA
  • from Prof. Hashimoto, Member of Science Council of Japan
  • Yasushi HASHIMOTO
  • from Prof. Sasao, Member of Science Council of Japan
  • Akira SASAO
  • Research Activities and Technological Developments on Agricultural Structures
  • In the field of Grain Drying, Conditioning and Storage Facilities
  • Hideo IWASAWA, Kiyokazu GoTOH, Shuzo KAWAMURA
  • In the field of Distribution Facilities for Agricultural Fresh Products
  • Takaaki SATAKE, Norihiro NAKAJIMA, Sadao OHMORI
  • In the field of Livestock and its Relational Facilities
  • In the field of Protected Horticultural Facilities
  • Tomoharu YAMAGUCHI, Sadanori SASE, Naoya FUKUDA
  • In the field of Food Engineering, and Resource and Environmental Sustainability
  • Yutaka KITAMURA, Atsuo IKEGUCHI, Norio SUGlURA