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Vol.35 No.1 (June, 2004)

  • Originals
  • The Performance of UASB Reactor Treatment of Squeezed Dairy Manure
  • Kazutaka UMETSU, Takahide OHYAMA, Tadashi KISHIMOTO, Junichi TAKAHASHI,Nami MATSUMOTO and Osamu HAMAMOTO
  • Effect of Zinc and Copper on the Decomposition of Phytate Phosphorus in the Diet by Phytase
  • Guilmg HAO, Michinori NISHIO and Takaaki MAEKAWA
  • Production of Biodegradable Films from Okara Protein and Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate
  • Keo INTABON, Li HONG, Yutaka ISHIKAWA, Takaaki SATAKE and Takaaki MAEKAWA
  • Quick Determination of Fat Content in Frozen Whole Skipjack by Non-contact Near Inirared (NIR) Reflectance Spectroscopy
  • Satoru YAMAUCHI Toshro SAWADA and Sumio KAWANO
  • Note
  • Pattern Information of Tomato Nursery Plants' Protein Spots under the Different Light Distributions
  • Limi OKUSHIMA, Yumiko IWAHASHI, Sadanon SASE and Naoya FUKUDA
  • Commentary
  • Combined Composting of Animal Waste and Organic Residue
  • Kazuyoshi SUZUKI


Vol.35 No.2 (September, 2004)

  • Originals
  • Analysis of Mesophilic Methanogens on Entrapped Carriers Contained Inorganic Trace Elements Under Low Temperature Acclimatization
  • Pomin LI, Fumitaka SHINYA, Zhenya ZHANG and Takaaki MAEKAWA
  • Study on the Zero Emission Composting System - The influence of the compost gas applying to the Plants in the greenhouse -
  • Hitoshi KATO, Seishu TOJO and Kengo WATANABE
  • Development of a Hazardous Chemical Substance Recovery System for the Vacuum Aeration Composting Process
  • Naoki FUKUJYU, Yoshiyuki ABE, Park Jong-SOO and Nobuo ITOU
  • Comparison of Two Dairy Production Districts Having Different Feed Production Systems by Multiple Evaluation Indexes
  • Hiromi KAWAKAMI, Shinji HOSHIBA, Shigeru MORITA, Naoyuki NODA and Atsuo IKEGUCHI
  • New Facility
  • JA Saku-Asano Vegetable Processing Facility
  • Hideo IWASAWA
  • Society News
  • 2004 Symposium, ‘A New Movement of Safety and Quality Certification of Food’
  • Kazuo MORITA
  • 2004 Overseas Workshop, ‘Environmental Control and Structural Design for Protected Cultivation’
  • Hideki MORIYAMA and In-Bok Lee
  • Abstracts of the Presentations in 2004 SASJ Anual Meeting
  • Editorial Board


Vol.35 No.3 (December, 2004)

  • Originals
  • An Experimental Study about Continuous Methane Fermentatron for Fibrous Biomass
  • Atsushi ODA and Akira OIDA
  • Production of Biodegradable from Okara Protein and Sodium Silicate
  • Hong LI, Keo INTABON, Yutaka ISHIKAWA, Takaaki SATAKE and Takaaki MAEKAWA
  • Actual States of Harvesting and Shipping of Carnations, and Possibility of Shipping Regulation by Bud Anthesis Acceleration (BAA)
  • Satoshi MINAKUCHI, Hisashi WATANABE and Tetsuro KAWASAKI
  • Emission of Environmental Load Gasses in Process of Collection and Treatment of Livestock Manure
  • Sershu TOJO, Hitoshi KATO, Kengo WATANABE,
    Takayuki HATTORI and Yoshiteru NAKAGAWA
  • Comparison on the Heat Requirements of a Four-span Greenhouse with a Melting Snow System and a Single-span Greenhouse
  • Shinsuke FURUNO, Sadanon SASE and Masahisa ISHII


Vol.35 No.4 (March, 2005)

  • Originals
  • Isolation and Utilization of the Phytic acid Decomposing Microorganisms from Farmyard Manure
  • Guiling HAO, Michinori NISHIO and Takaaki MAEKAWA
  • Development of a Decolorization System Using an Ozonation Process and a Sand Filter for Treated Swine Wastewater - Decolorization conditions of different concentrations in compositions of treated swine wastewater -
  • Yuichiro WAKIYA, Takahiro MATSUO and Takahiro SAKAI
  • The Preliminary Consideration on Transportation and Storage of Excess Gas from the Biogas Plant for the Individual Dairy Farm
  • Michiaki OMURA, Yoshiteru TAKEUCHI, Katsunon MATSUl and Sadao KIKUCHI
  • Estimation of Pollutant Adsorption Capacity of Natural Rocks using Methylene Blue Solution
  • Toshio KAWANO, Takahiro YOSHIMURA, Masafunu KAWAI and Katsunu ISHIKAWA
  • Airborne Dust and Ammonia Emitted to the Atmosphere from Livestock Buildings for Weaner Pigs
  • Yasuhiro HARADA and Naoaki DOSHU